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Food company Small Giants, which makes crackers from cricket flour, decided to rip up its branding and start from scratch. Its co-founders explain how they approached everything from finding a new name to nailing a fresh visual identity.

In March 2020, insect-based food brand Crické bagged £150,000 in investment. The company – which had its origins in trips its co-founders Francesco Majno and Edoardo Imparato took in southeast Asia – decided it was time to shift direction, find a new manufacturer, scale up production and, crucially, rename and rebrand itself.

Up to that point, the founders had built the brand themselves. ‘When we started with Crické, we thought about it from our own perspective. We found a name that was OK for us, but we didn’t really put ourselves in the customers’ shoes,’ says Edoardo. It turned out the name was riddled with problems. ‘The accent isn’t on the English keyboard so, for most countries in Europe, it’s difficult to even find us online. Some people were thinking, is it “crikey” or “cricket”? So there was a problem with the pronunciation.’ In addition, Crické is tied to the word ‘crickets’ – but what if they wanted to expand their product line to other insects? ‘It was very limiting,’ he says.

The founders were convinced they needed a complete branding overhaul to compete more broadly with other healthy on-the-go snacks. Obviously, this was going to require some help. The fledgling company decided to turn to London-based branding agency Midday Studio after being impressed by its work in the food-and-drink industry.

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